a taste of white chocolate.
a taste of white chocolate.
baekyeon (baekhyun x taeyeon) | au
fluff for now
1154 days apart. too close.
one. in which baekhyun, taeyeon, and a chocolate bar meet at a bus stop.
the little corner store next to the bus stop always kept a fresh stock of white chocolate with almonds for their most frequent, most consistent customer. an interesting customer, to say the least; always smartly dressed, brown hair neatly styled, brown eyes wide and innocent. every afternoon at quarter to one, he strode down the sidewalk, rain or shine, and bought a bar of white chocolate with almonds. not a giant brick, but a bite-sized snack. just something sweet to last his bus ride, where he would sit and lazily read over a chapter or two of his textbooks on the way back to the university.
so today, as he did every day, the boy named baekhyun bought a chocolate bar. unwrapping the royal blue wrapper, he sat on the bench in front of the store, the rays of summer's last few days painting the world in broad strokes coloured strokes. as if the town street before him were drenched in juice, the blacks turning red and the whites bright orange. two birds, nestled on the gates of the park across the street, sang quietly. 
but this day was different than other days, because as the bus pulled up by the curb, and the brakes let out a loud hiss, a splash of blue flitted across the reddened scene.
"wait!" she yelled, sprinting across the tiny road with complete disregard for the cyclist speeding down his lane.
baekhyun, one foot poised on the first step of the bus, motioned to the driver to hold for a minute. he turned to look at the girl, sporting blue nurse's scrubs and dishevelled blonde hair. cute, he thought, as she jogged the last few feet down the sidewalk to stand behind baekhyun.
"thank you," she said, bowing quickly as she started rummaging through her purse for change.
no problem, baekhyun remembered mumbling, staring at her for a second too long until he cleared his throat and made his way up the steps. he flashed his university transit pass at the driver, and was about to go on his routine before he turned to check out - check on, he meant - the girl who was still fumbling around her blue purse.
"i have enough, i swear he said he left me change, i just..." she was saying, her cheeks turning pink.
before she went on, baekhyun had already dug into his pockets and thrust out a handful of coins. here, he said, mumbling again. she scooped out a couple hundred won coins, baekhyun's eyes too focused on the bus floor and his brain too focused on the brief moment when her fingers brushed against his palm to notice that her cheeks had flushed a full red. his own face began to feel hot and his mouth uncomfortable before he realized he was smiling like an idiot.
he tried to put on a stoic face and looked straight at her wide, innocent eyes as she said thank you. "no problem," he said, cracking a half-smile before they turned and took seats in the empty bus, far enough away from each other to prolong the awkwardness. baekhyun, two rows behind her, forced himself to stop staring at the back of her head. 
he settled for staring at her books instead; two textbooks, one slightly thicker than the other, both a clean white. they rested precariously on her lap. the titles were in english, so he had trouble reading the smaller words he could only read the largest title which said McLean's Biology.

as the girl took out a small mirror from her purse and started to check her makeup, her arms shifted and baekhyun made out a small sticker in on the book's spine, three syllables printed in korean. a name. 
김태연. kim taeyeon.
baekhyun smiled, attempting to steal one more glance at her head. instead, his eyes caught hers in her mirror; her wide, innocent eyes gazing back at him.
they held the contact for a moment before she snapped the mirror shut.
a/n i'm sorry for posting this. had random baekyeon feels and i had to vomit it out onto the screen. i didn't even proofread or get anyone to check it over or whatever. idk if i'll even continue the story, i have it all in my head but... OTL 
it was supposed to be a one-shot inspired by the fti song but now idk LOL we'll see
i dont even know how livejournal even works like do people have to follow me to see this? or like can you just like not? can you like search tags like on tumblr or aff? omg noob fail LOL


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